Dear Customers, I am pleased to share with you Nu Choice Product Catalog. As I look forward I can only think about the products and services we have to offer now and in the future. I am extremely proud of what we have developed to share with you and even more excited for the coming years. Our main objective is to serve our customers at the highest level and to make all products available for your needs. With this in mind every plan we make and every action we take is focusing on meeting your needs and exceeding your expectation. Every year that comes along we strive for excellence in products and services for our customers NU CHOICE takes Customer Services very serious. Our customers are the priority and because we are reaching out to you we need to hear every feedback on our products and services. In the review section please a drop a note to let us know what you would like to see us do and any new products we can bring to you. We know and understand that the world is made up of different community of people and we are here to bring you familiar foods & products from our community to your community. M. McFarlane Owner Nu Choice Inc.